Welcome to AIE2016


9th Annual Conference of the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship


 For conference program and detailed information please visit: http://sydney.edu.au/business/china/aie

The AIE Conference provides an international platform to convene scholars, industry leaders and policymakers from around the world to present research and thought leadership on trends and new developments in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Annual AIE Conferences have been held since 2008 and attracted close to 2,000 participants from around the world. Sydney, Tsinghua and Oxford universities are pleased to announce that the 9th Annual Conference for the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (AIE2016) will be held for the first time in one of the most attractive cities in the world, Sydney, Australia, from 2 – 3 September 2016.

Executive Co-Chairs

Professor Hans Hendrischke, The University of Sydney


Professor Gao Jian, Tsinghua University

Professor Fu Xiaolan, Oxford University

Professor Steven Murphy, Ryerson University


Innovation and Entrepreneurship across Borders

The 2016 conference theme takes account of innovation and entrepreneurship driving rapid financial and technical globalisation across national, institutional and firm borders, capturing diversity of processes and contents, as well as the roles of individuals, organizations and societies.  Some of the broad sub-themes are

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation in a global context
  • Crowdsourcing and open innovation
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation across market and institutional borders
  • The role of governments and public policies in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation
  • The venture creation process and venture capital markets – which countries are different
  • Global resource acquisition for start-up and growth
  • The sharing economy and the new ventures 
  • Disruptive innovation and e-commerce
  • Cross-border incubation and acceleration
  • Science parks’ roles to innovation across different regions 
  • Institutional and social entrepreneurship across borders
  • The importance of diaspora for innovation and entrepreneurship across borders
  • Entrepreneurship education and design thinking     
  • Methodologies of entrepreneurship research


Co-organized by

National Entrepreneurship Research Centre, Tsinghua University, China


Technology and Management Centre for Development, Oxford University, UK


Ryerson University

Australia China Business Research Network/Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Group, The University of Sydney Business School, Australia